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Car registration cycle for the driver.

Thursday, 26/07/2018, 14:06 GMT+7

According to the registration cycle, some vehicles have to be registered every 3 months.

Theo chu kỳ đăng kiểm được quy định, có loại xe thậm chí phải đăng kiểm 3 tháng/ lần

Information about the registration cycle is very specific in accordance with Circular No. 70/2015 / TT-BGTVT of the Ministry of Transport. The most common is the registration cycle for coach under 9 seats not transport business will have the first test cycle is 30 months. The next period is calculated as follows: Vehicles manufactured under seven years have a test cycle of 18 months, vehicles produced from 7 years to 12 years have a cycle of 12 months and the car production over 12 years The test cycle is 6 months.
For vehicles with less than 9 seats, the business of transportation and coach of all kinds over 9 seats will be divided into 2 types. For the above-mentioned vehicles, the first registration cycle is 18 months and the next cycle is 6 months.
Special, for coach of all kinds over 9 seats have been produced for 15 years or more; Automobiles of all kinds, tractors manufacture for 20 years or more will have the shortest registration cycle of 3 months.


Registration cycle

Registration cycle is very specific in accordance with Circular No. 70/2015 / TT-BGTVT 09/11/2015 of the Ministry of Transport



Cycle (months)

First cycle

Cycle (months)

  1. Automobiles of all kinds to 9 seats not transport business


Produced for 7 years




Produced over 7 years to 12 years




Produced over 12 years



  1. Automobiles of all kinds to 9 seats transport business and over 9 seats


Not renovated (*)




Renovate (*)




  1. Trucks, vehicles, tractors, trailers, semi trailers




Trucks, vehicles, tractors Produced for 7 years, ro mooc Produced for 12 years



Trucks, vehicles, tractors Produced over 7 years, trailers, semi trailers Produced over 12 years




Renovate (*)



  1. Automobiles of all kinds to 9 seats Produced over 15 years, trucks, tractors Produced over 20 years

The first cycle apply only to vehicles which have not been used for the first time for a period of 2 years, calculated from the year of manufacture.
Number of seats on coach including driver
(*) Renovate change of use or change in one of the systems: steering, braking, suspension and transmission
Registration cycle of road traffic.
In addition, if the vehicle has expired, it will be fined under Point c, Item 4, Article 16, Decree 46 on the Handling of Car Operators (including trailers and semi trailers are towed) and vehicles similar to cars that violate the regulations on conditions of means when participating in traffic: A fine of between VND 2,000,000 and 3,000,000 for acts of violating the driving of vehicles with paper Certificates or stamps for technical safety and environmental protection but have expired for less than 1 month (including trailers and semi-trailers).
In addition to being fined, the driver of the vehicle who commits the offense shall also be subject to the following additional sanctions: deprivation of the right to use a driver's license for one to three months (in accordance with Point a, Clause 6, Article 16 ).

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