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1. Objectives

1.1. Ensuring the highest commitment of warranty policy to customers on products manufactured and distributed by Dothanh Auto Corporation (DAC) in authorized dealers system nationwide.
1.2. Unifying a consistency warranty handling procedures for official dealer system, authorized service workshop, customer and DAC.
1.3. Instructing customers the detailed procedures of how to acquire the warranty information, evaluate and assess defects, then give solutions and technical handling.
1.4. A Guide to customers in how to make a warranty report/document, warranty expenses payment procedure, maintain documents and replacing failure parts.
1.5. Setting the procedure of inspection and evaluation warranty performance to customers in Branch/Dealer/Service Workshop.
2. Definitions
“Warranty Policy”: including all policies and procedures related to perform TDCV’s Warranty.
 “TDCV”: Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Co.,Ltd
“DAC”: Dothanh Auto Corporation
“A.S Dept.” After Sales Service Department of DAC
“Branch/Dealer”: an authorized DAC branch/dealer granted the right to sell and/or service DAC products and supply the genuine parts.
“Representative Office”: DAC’s representative office in: the north, the middle and the south.
“Warranty vehicles”: All commercial vehicles are manufactured and distributed by DAC in Vietnam market.
“Genuine Parts”: Parts supplied or authorized by manufacturer.
“Warranty conditions”: The conditions meeting the manufacturer’s requirements of warranty policy, periodic maintenance shown in the warranty booklet that is provided with the vehicle such as the following:
- The using time within 24 months as of the delivery date or below 100.000 km, whichever comes first.
  - Failures are resulting from parts quality or technical problems.
 “Delivery date”: The date when the vehicle was delivered to the first retail purchaser written on vehicle-handovver, warranty booklet.
“Repair date”: the date DAC approved warranty request.
“Authorized service workshop”: an authorized DAC Dealer where is perform service DAC products and supply the genuine parts.
“Dealer authorized service workshop”: A service workshop managed by DAC Dealers. “Warranty Booklet”: the rights ownership certification of warranty service in which the warranty period, limited warranty of each part is stipulated. In addition, defining and confirmation the vehicle periodic maintenance also furnished to the customer.
“Customer”: the person who owns the vehilces manufactured and distributed by DAC.
3. Application Scopes
 3.1 Who are entitled to warranty policy? 
a. All customers who owns the vehicle manufactured and distributed by DAC in territory of Vietnam under warranty period and meet the warranty policy. (Refer to warranty conditions section).
b. This policy applied for all warranty service performances, maintenances and repair in DAC official authorized service workshops.
3.2 Who will perform warranty service?
a. DAC shall perform the warranty policy in accordance with the manufacturer regulations.
b. DAC authorized dealers and service workshops shall perform warranty service directly to customer who is using vehicles manufactured and distributed by DAC under the warranty conditions which sold by Dealer or appointed warranty service workshop.
1. Warranty

According to warranty policy, when using vehicles manufactured and distributed by DAC under warranty and guaranteed for periodic maintenance conditions in Viet Nam, customers reserve the rights to request warranty at any DAC branch/dealer/ authorized service workshop in territory of Viet Nam and are entitled to the assigned general warranty policy.
1.1 DAC Responsibilities
a. DAC will reimburse Branch/Dealer/Service Workshop approved warranty repair expenses including labor cost, material and parts for vehicles within the period of warranty cover that DAC approved warranty request.
b. Only in case of difficulty warranty (diagnose) or difficult to perform warranty decision, DAC will support Dearler.
1.2 Branch/Dealer Responsibilities
a. Branch/dealer is responsible for technical check and necessary conditions of vehicle before delivered to customer (PDI), in addition, all vehicle and customer information should be written on the warranty booklet with signature and stamping.
b. Dealer must explain the terms of the warranties to customer at the time of delivery of the new unit.
c. Branch/Dealer is responsible for reporting the customer information and delivery information vehicle include VIN, delivery date, type of vehicle…in accordance to guildeline) and submitted to DAC within 01 week from delivery date.
d. Branch/Dealer is responsible to collect the free labor costs notes (applied for vehicle assemble by DAC) for the maintenance period specified by the mileage (km) provided in the warranty booklet. All of these notes must be sent to DAC within 2 weeks from the date perform maintenance and DAC will reimburse within 2 weeks when receive invoice and payment receipt from Branch/dealer.
e. Branch/Dealer must receive all warranty claims from customer who is using vehicle manufactured and distributed by DAC.
f. Branch/Dealer is responsible for checking warranty conditions, assessing vehicles & finding the cause, quickly decide to warranty performance and directly carried out. Besides, the branch/ dealer must go through all formalities as required for warranty expenses reimbursement.
g. Dealer is responsible for free of charge repairing to customer including labor costs, materials and parts for warranty. 
h. Branch/Dealer has the rights to refuse the warranty performing in cases of failures resulting from customer improper use in accordance with the guideline in warranty policy (Refer to section 1.4 “Owner responsibilities, section 1.5 “Maintenance regulations” and section 1.6 “Regulations of vehicle using conditions”)
i. Storage all parts related to warranty claims at least 03 months.
j. Keep and manage warranty documents at least 3 years.
k. Dearler has responsibility to presented all warranty documents and parts when requested by DAC.
l. Branch/Dealer is responsible for implementing the warranty policy and submitting documents process in accordance with the issued regulations.
1.3. Authorized Service workshop Responsibilities
a. Authorized service workshop is responsible for checking warranty conditions, assessing vehicles and finding the cause, report and recommend solutions to help DAC decide to perform warranty.
b. Authorized service workshop is responsible to collect the free labor costs sheets (applied for vehicle assemble by DAC) for the maintenance period specified by the mileage (km) provided in the warranty booklet. All of these sheets must be sent to DAC within 2 weeks from the date perform maintenance and DAC will reimburse within 2 weeks when DAC have received the invoice and payment receipt from Authorized service workshop.
c. Service workshop has the rights to refuse warranty performance of which cases without DAC approval via email or documents in case of serious failure/damage.
1.4 Owner Responsibilities
a. The vehicle must be maintained by regular maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations which are contained in the “owner’s manual” and regulations, guildelines in “warranty booklet” provided to customer at the time purchased the vehicle.
b. Customer is responsible for reading and understanding all terms and conditions of warranty service which is covered by warranty or not.
c. The maintenance must be carried out by DAC authorized Branch/Dealer/Service workshop with confirmation stamp.
d. Customer must notify Authorized Branch/Dealer/Service workshop/A.S Dept timely when occurred technical problems to receive the instruction.
e. Customer is not allowed to change the structure or addition of any parts or accessories that are non-genuine. This may affect on vehicle quality and design. Operating vehicle with over loading and interfere in repairs without Authorized Branch/Dealer/Service workshop/A.S Dept approval are not permitted.
f. In order to receive warranty services from manufacturer and DAC, customer is required to present the warranty booklet with evidences which shows that the periodic maintenance has been carried out fully by the authorized branch/dealer/service workshop. 
1.5. Maintenance regulations
a. Customer is recommended that the vehicle is inspected and maintenance annually in accordance with the manufacturer regulations by Branch/Dealer regardless of where the vehicle was purchased.
b.  In case of could not bring your vehicles to Branch/Dealer of where the vehicle was purchased, customer could bring to authorized service workshop that DAC appointed to or nearest workshops throughout (List of service workshops provided in Warranty Booklet)
1.6. Regulations of vehicle using conditions
a. Customer are required to operate the vehicle in accordance with the recommendation in the owner’s manual provided along with vehicles.
b. For the common commercial vehicles (not include specialized vehicles), customers must check all basic conditions before operating such as types of oil (engine oil, axle oil, transmission oil…), types of liquid (coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid…), filters (air cleaner, oil filter…), types of periodically replaced parts.
c. For the specialized vehicles (dump truck, tractor, mixer truck, tank lorry, crane cargo truck, garbage truck, towing vehicle, fire truck... or others with more parts assembling on the cab-chassis of DAC), customers must pay attention to some following terms for the specialized vehicles besides notes for the commonly used vehicles. 
•    For dump truck, mixer truck, it is necessary to check regularly the joints of leaf spring and the powertrain components.
•    For the vehicles with two driven rear axles, differental lock switch function must not be locked when the vehicles are going down or operating with high speed.
2.  Warranty Period
2.1. Warranty Period
- The period for new vehicle warranty is 24 months or 100,000 km, whichever comes first, effective on the first delivery date (described in handover report, warranty book let) or the first day of using vehicle for testing or relevants using purposes applied to Dealer/service workshop.
- The storage period exceeding 4 months from the date received vehicle from DAC.
- The DAC warranty is for a maximum period of 28 months. The period for new vehicle warranty will be shorter in the event of long time storage. Warranty expenses for such vehicles should be borne by Dealer performing it.
2.2. The warranty period & warranty mileage are provided details in warranty booklet.
2.3    If ownership has changed from the first owner to the second one, the remaining warranty period of such vehicles shall be transfer to the second owner.
2.4   DAC will provide the detailed instructions to authorized branch/dealer/service workshop of any special warranty conditions.
3.  Vehicle Warranty Policies
3.1.   DAC Duties 
a.  DAC is responsible for payment of warranty repair expenses include: material expense, spare parts and labor cost of performing warranty to Branch/Dealer/ authorized service workshop.
•     Warranty labor rate will be pay for Dealer/ authorized service workshop based on the service contract between DAC and Dealer/ authorized service workshop.
•   Parts price in accordance to parts import “F.O.B Price” from DAC to Dealer
•   If the parts were locally procured, the original of the sublet invoices should be attached to Claim report (scan and send via Email).
b.  In some special cases not meeting warranty conditions, DAC will consider some support to customers as “Goodwill warranty”, but not compulsory.
c. DAC may audit Branch/Dealer/ authorized service workshop in order to consult with and evaluate on the conduct of Branch/Dealer/ authorized service workshop service operation, warranty documents and storage conditions of warranty damaged parts periodically or unexpectedly.
     d. DAC is responsible for conducting marketing of service and campaigns of customer   service.
3.2 Branch/ dealer/authorized service workshop duties
a. Branch/dealer/ authorized service workshop are in charge of warranty registration for delivery vehicles to A/S Dept.  If the warranty registration is not submitted to DAC, all expenses for warranty service of such vehicles should be borne by such Branch/dealer/ authorized service workshop.
b. Branch/dealer/ authorized service workshop carry out warranty repairs based on the assessment of damage measurement for all warranted vehicles or the vehicles appointed by DAC.
c. Branch/dealer/ authorized service workshop must ensure that the warranty repair is on schedule, guarantee the techinal quality and not permit to charge any cost of these performing warranty services to customer.
d. Branch/dealer/ authorized service workshop is responsible of repair performing, parts replacement after performing warranty to customer.
e. Authorized Branch/Dealer/authorized Service workshop are requested to make warranty report/document, keep them in accordance with regulations, and storage replacement damage parts include damaged stamp on the parts.
f. Authorized Branch/Dealer/authorized service workshop ensures of customer satisfaction when performing service procedures.
g. Authorized Branch/Dealer/authorized service workshop is in charge of cooperating with DAC to perform events or marketing campaigns.
3.3. Warranty repair scope:
a.  Warranty repair scope is limited to repair expenses (parts or labor) resulting from repairing damages which defined DAC responsibilities.
b. Damages incurred during transportation is not coverd by warranty.
c. Damages due to incorrect diagnosis (if it is caused by workmanship in branch/dealer/ authorized service workshop, all expenses for repairs should be borne by such branch/dealer/ authorized service workshop performing it) are not covered by warranty.
d. DAC accept the sublet repair expenses such as special equipment rental expense, mechanical process.. in some limit cases with conditions is that these cases must be approved by DAC before performing.
e.    Damages resulting from traffic accident is not covered by warranty.
3.4 Warranty Conditions:
To be intitled DAC warranty policy, customer is required to observe the following terms and conditions:
a. The warranty booklet should be presented the detailed vehicle information and Branch/dealer stamp confirmation is also required.
b. Customer must present verified period maintenance records according to the regulations described in section 1.5.
c. When replacing parts, customers must use genuine parts, oil and liquid recommended by DAC.
d. When receiving vehicles, customers must fill in all of information on the commitment of registration provided in warranty booklet.
e. In case of could not define the mileage (km), warranty conditions is calculated as using time 01 month ~ 5,000km.
3.5. Warranty repair performance:
 a. Warranty limited on repairing damages which customer request which are assessed and confirmed by branch/dealer/authorized service workshop.
b. When customers request branch/dealer/authorized service workshop to perform warranty repair, customer should be present warranty booklet in accordance with regulations, meet warranty conditions. Damages are in warranty repair scope. branch/dealer/authorized service workshop should be check, repair and free of charge if damages is not by customer and under warranty.
c.    Performing warranty service should be carried out at service workshop of DAC’s branches/dealers/authorized agencies. In unexpected situations, mobile service can be used for repairing.
d.    Warranty repair period: the repair must be made quickly to minimize customers inconvenience and to avoid extra cost due to tardiness.
3.6 Limited Warranty Period
A. General Warranty period: 
The general warranty period is24 months or 100,000km whichever comes first.
B. Limited warranty:
Failure parts due to driver habits, environment and nature wear shall be warranted within 06 months or 20.000km whichever comes first, as listed below:
•  Turbo charger
•  Shock absorber, air spring, seals (not in engine)
•  Belts (except timing belt)
•  Clutch bearing
•  Plastic components on vehicle.
C. Items which limited warranty over time.
•    Air conditioning system is warranted within 12 months, no mileage limitation (gas are not covered warranty, only in cases of damage, parts replacement in AC system which required to charge again)
•    Stereo system, radio, cassette, CD player on vehicles are warranted within 6 months.
D.    Electronic control system: 
•    Components related to electrical system shall be warrants within 06 months or 20,000 km, whichever comes first.
E.    Specialized systems:
       Damages of details, cluster related to specialized system (dump, mixer…) which are assembled on cab-chassis vehicles manufactured and distributed by DAC.
a.    For specialized system assembled by DAC are warranted within 12 months or 50,000 km, whichever comes first.
b.    For specialized system assembled by the third party on the cab-chassis vehicles manufactured and distributed by DAC, the third party responsible for warranty performance.
c.    Special case: All damages of cab-chassis vehicle resulting from affective of specialized parts assembly (not assemble by DAC), warranty performing is not DAC responsibility.
      *List of specialized structures and systems:
- Mixer truck:
•    Hydraulic system: hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and hose system
•    High pressure water pump system.
•    Mixing control system.
- Dump truck:
•    Hydraulic system: hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and hose system
•    Cylinder and lifting mechanism.
F. Special warranty parts
Special warranty parts as listed below will be warranted by their own manufacturer . The warranty is depending on the manufacturer's policy:
  a. Tires
i. To be warranted by authorized representative for the tire manufacturer in accordance with their warranty policy.
ii. If there is no representative of tire manufacturer in Vietnam, DAC will support in making a warranty claim to tire’s manufacturer.
iii. The tire which is burst, torn, cracked, holed, patched or worn out more than 30% (or out of warranted tread wear indicators) is not covered by warranty.
iv. All damages are resulting from traffic accident due to tire defects is not DAC warranty responsibility.
  b. Battery
i.  The battery manufacturer’s representative in VN will warrant their batteries based on their warranty policy.
ii. If there is no representative of battery manufacturer in Vietnam, DAC will support in making a warranty claim to battery’s manufacturer.
iii. Warranty period of battery for which vehicle storage at Dealer is first 4 months from the date received vehicles.
iv. Warranty period for battery is 6 months or 20,000km as of DAC’s delivery date, whichever comes first.
G.   Non-warranty items
DAC has the rights to refuse performing warranty in these following cases: 
      Improper Use damages:
•    Damages resulting from attachments and modifications that were not directly supplied or approved in documents by DAC (excepts assembling according to regulation and required of State management agencies such as: assembling the GPS Navigation System, fuel mangagement.
•    Damages resulting from improper operate the vehicle contrary to the instructions such as overloading, ..
• CD player, cassette player damaged by using unqualified CDs or cassette records (cracked, broken, curved, fusty, tangle) are not warranted.
• Damage resulting of Battery burst, cracked or broken conditions, lacking of liquid or improperly jumped/charged are not coverd by warranty
• Damages by improper maintenance and parts using unfollow the regulation.
• Damages by using unqualified parts or not follow the instruction DAC
•    Maintenance or repair is carried out at branch/dealer/ service workshop not appointed by DAC.
•  Damages by using improper fuel, lubricant, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, additives…
•    Damages resulting from not complying with regulations or wrong performing in periodic maintenance checking
Damages by environmental and climate conditions:
•     Damaged or worn out due to chemical or environmental
•    Damages due to painted/plated surfaces, stone chipping, sea water, acid rain, hail, tree sap, chemistry...
•    Damages resulting from natural calamities, fire, storm, flood, earthquake, burst.
•     The vehicles are deteriorated, discolored, noisy and deformed which is caused by natural using.
Other components are not covered by warranty:
•    Carbon brush of generator, carbon brush of starter
•     Lamps/bulbs
•     Brake shoes, brake drum
•     Fuse, rubber wiper blades
•     Rubber gasket in body vehicle
•     Windscreen, door glass, rear view mirror surface, upholstery (after receiving completed vehicle)
Replacement parts in prediodic maintenance shall not covered by warranty
• Air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, AC air filter.
     Limited warranty because of irresistible reasons:
Những trường hợp sau đây DTA sẽ không bảo hành vì đều thuộc những lý do bất khả kháng: a
•    The affect made by law restrictions or gorvenmental regulations
• War, riot, the cancellation of production …
The followings incidental expenses are not DAC responsibility.
Incidental expenses include the followings: 
• Telephone or telegraph expenses
• Lodging expenses
• Vehicle rental charge
• Towing charge
• Business and commercial loss
• Loss or damage to personal property
3.7.  Performing warranty for storage vehicle
Damages is considering technical error which resulting from assembly and manufacture process will be warranted within 04 months from the date Branch/Dealer received vehicle from DAC.
Condition: Mileage shows on meter not exceed 1000 km
Warranty expenses for gas is coverd in first 04 months from the date Branch/Dealer received vehicle from DAC.
3.8. Assembly Replacement
It is required to replace one of main assemblies in cases of serious damages:
• Engine assembly including
• Cylinder block
• Diesel injection pump.
• Transmission assembly
• Power take-off assembly
• Sub-transmission assembly
• Drive axle assembly
Warranty repair will be perform along with the replacement or the repair for failure parts or components.
The basic warranty policy is repair and replace of parts found to be defective.. However,  if necessary, replacement of the entire assembly can be permitted. Assembly replacements are permitted only when:
 • Damages range related to almost the assembly.
 • Replacement of assembly is more economical than repair or replacement of the damage component parts.
 • Branch/dealer/authorized service workshop has the rights to reimburse the expense with conditions are explained in details and approved by DAC.
In the event of the cluster parts replacement are not approved, the warranty claim is not applied to the cluster parts replacement in these below cases:
•    The series of parts are replaced in accordance with customer requests.
•    The replacement is not approved by DAC.
The failures rate evaluation of serious failures must be verified and confirmed by DAC’s technicians directly.
3.9. Items are considered as branch/dealer responsibilites 
- Items related to branch/dealer responsibilites for storage & examination are not warranted or paid by DAC.
- Expenses of checking adjustment or tightening bolts and nuts & replacement which is not related to the broken parts is not covered by warranty.
a. Damages by not inspecting vehicles before delivery to a retail customer are not warranted.
b. Lower quality of vehicles during storage is lower than before
•     Damaged Batteries (improper maintenance in stock)
•     Deformed rubber wiper blades
•    Deformed or faded body panel
•   Deformed gasket
•     Burned out bulbs.
•     Rusty powertrain components.
•     Faded/corroded reflectors or lenses.
•     Damages by fuel quality, impurities, water...
•   Changes of paint quality and vehicle’s appearance  caused by exposure to sunlight , high temperature, high humidity, rain water, dust and other other waste including industrial waste.
c. Damage or failure resulting from the use of parts which are not genuine parts or not supplied or approved by DAC.
d.    Damaged parts resulting from the use of improper tools or repair procedures and poor workmanship by Dealer’s technicians.
3.10. The following items are the owner’s responsibilities and not covered by warranty, except for damages by materials or workmanship:
a. Normal maitenence service
b. Replacing maintenance parts and normal service.
c.   Maintain painting and outside parts under harsh conditions using.
d. When operating vehicles in a harsh environment such as hoarfrost or pollution areas, customers are responsible for preventtg from quality decrease. In this case, branch/dealer must be recommended customers to apply the anti-corrosion maintenace  to their vehicles.
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